Terra Smart® Rail System

Revolutionizing Tile Installation

Which we expertly implemented in our project at Warwick Building, Hammersmith. This innovative system played a crucial role in delivering an exemplary outdoor surface that harmonises with the architectural prestige of the location.


Our Expertise

15 Years of Experience in Tiling

Through the years, we’ve honed our skills, embraced innovation, and expanded our expertise to include a wide range of tiling materials and techniques. This wealth of experience not only enables us to tackle projects of any scale and complexity but also to anticipate and effectively address the unique challenges each new project brings


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Terra Smart®

By integrating the TerraSmart® Rail System into our projects, such as the one at Warwick Building in Hammersmith, BMF Tiling Ltd is setting new standards in the tiling industry. We do more than lay tiles; we create enduring spaces.


Structural Integrity

The TerraSmart® Rail System, with its super-strong aluminium joists that interlock, forms a solid lattice framework, providing an unmatched level of support.



The TerraSmart® Rail System excels in projects where aesthetic diversity and uniqueness are paramount. Whether for terraces, podiums, roof decks, or garden



Understanding the importance of longevity in commercial and public spaces, the TerraSmart® Rail System is engineered to withstand areas subjected to high foot traffic.

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Ready to transform your commercial space into something extraordinary? BMF Tiling Ltd is setting new standards in the tiling industry. We do more than lay tiles; we create enduring spaces that blend beauty with functionality, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of our clients.

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