Castle Composites A1 Fire Rated ALU

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In the ambitious Croydon Terrace project, BMF Tiling Ltd harnessed the Castle Composites A1 Fire Rated ALU Adjustable Paving Pedestal to transform an external terrace into a marvel of design and safety.


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Why We Chose

The selection of Castle Composites A1 Fire Rated ALU Adjustable Paving Pedestals for the Croydon Tower terraces was driven by our unwavering standards for safety, our desire for installation flexibility to achieve aesthetic excellence, and the need for a solution that promises durability and strength.


Safety Standards

The paramount reason for selecting Castle Composites A1 Fire Rated ALU Adjustable Paving Pedestals was their superior fire resistance. Given the terraces' location in a high-rise building, it was crucial to use materials that could significantly enhance safety.



The adjustable height feature of these pedestals, ranging from 50mm to 60mm, combined with their self-levelling capability up to 6%, provided us with unparalleled flexibility during installation.



The Castle Composites pedestals boast an impressive load capacity of 2000kg, making them exceptionally suited for supporting the large-format porcelain tiles used in the project.

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